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About the Brighton Obituary Index

Library staff and volunteers have compiled a list of obituaries, death notices, funeral announcements, probate hearing notices and other death related pronouncements from all existing Brighton Argus, the Livingston County Argus-Dispatch and the Livingston Daily Press and Argus newspapers from 1880 to the present.  Additionally, many obituaries published in the Pinckney Dispatch have been compiled and are included in this searchable index.



History of the
Livingston County Daily Press & Argus

The Brighton Argus began publication in 1880.  It has retained the Brighton Argus name throughout its history except for the four years immediately following a merger with the Pinckney Dispatch (Oct. 6, 1965 – April 23, 1969) when it was known as the Livingston County Argus – Dispatch.  It was sold in 1976 to the company that became HomeTown Communications Network (HCN). HomeTown Communications Network subsequently purchased the Livingston County Press in 1980. In 1997, the two papers became twice-weekly, publishing a joint Sunday edition. The new daily began three years later and was titled the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus.



To request an obituary, contact Genealogy Librarian Mark Mullinax at 810-229-6571 x217 | email

Holdings for the Brighton Argus (including the time it was named Livingston County Argus—Dispatch) and the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus:

Brighton Argus Microfilm 

Brighton Argus Missing Issues

April 6, 1880 through December 26, 1883

January, 1884 through December 5, 1895 

December 12, 1895 through November 12, 1896

November 19, 1896 through December, 1899 

January, 1900 through December, 1937

January, 1938 through December, 1938 

January, 1939 through December, 1939

January, 1940 through December, 1940 

January, 1941 through December, 1955

January, 1956 

February, 1956 through March, 1956

April, 1956 (except for April 17 issue) 

May, 1956 through June 20, 1956

June 27, 1956 through January, 1957 

February, 1957 through April, 1969

May, 1969 through August, 1969

September, 1969 through March, 1980

April, 1980 through June, 1980

July 1980 through Wednesday, September 6, 2000


Livingston County Daily Press & Argus Microfilm

Livingston County Daily Press & Argus Missing Issues

September 7, 2000 through present


Search Tips:

Several fields may be searched at the same time.  This is the most specific way to search.   If you are not getting the results you expect, enter less information and try your search again.

Results are sorted by the date of death with the oldest one listed first.

If you are unsure of the spelling or the complete name, simply enter the first few letters of the last name.

Searches for Father, Mother or Spouse should be entered in last name, first name format (e.g. Smith, John).  If you are unsure of the spelling or the complete name, put in just the last name or a few letters of the last name.  It should be noted that many records do not list the father, mother or spouse.

To perform a search for all obituaries in a specific year, type ??/??/yyyy   (e.g. ??/??/1938).

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