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The rules for the distribution of free materials are as follows:

  • The Community Information Center, comprised of pamphlet racks in the foyer and a bulletin board in the lobby, is intended to disseminate information about community and regional events and services by display of free brochures or public posting of flyers, notices and posters.
  • Such materials are limited to those of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature. Any literature promoting a business enterprise shall be excluded.
  • Handwritten notices, or any materials smaller than 5" x 7", or larger than 11" x 17", may not be posted.
  • All materials must be reviewed and posted by library staff.
  • Any material left in the library after the specific advertised event has occurred shall be discarded by library staff.
  • Materials promoting an ongoing service may be displayed indefinitely, or removed after one month by library staff, according to space limitations. Organizations wishing to claim excess materials when removed from display must leave a request in writing with Library administration at the time of distribution.
  • Library administration reserves the right to limit any posting or distribution on the basis of timeliness, space, size and geographic impact.
  • Distribution or posting of materials by the Library does not indicate the Library's endorsement of the issues or events promoted by those materials.

Adopted by the Brighton District Library Board of Trustees, May 20, 1996.

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